Get Complete Business Setup And Legal Assistance

Business setups require a wide range of processes and documentation, like – naming your company, planning your business activity, finding out a sponsor, legal formalities, submitting the needed documents, processing visa, receiving a license, starting a corporate bank account or PRO – we offer everything under one roof to easily set up a business in Dubai.

Let us handle all the
legal formalities

Legal & Certificates Typing

As per UAE’s rules, certified personnel is required to draft documents/contracts with clarity and compliance with the most recently updated legal regulations.

Translation Services

UAE Ministry of Justice insists on a certified legal Arabic translator to stamp and sign. Our accredited, expert translators can correctly identify and cope with technicalities.

E-forms & Application

We make the entire Emirates ID process hassle-free for you. We also assist with online applications for immigration, ministry of labor, DHA, and other government applications.

Dubai Court

We provide 100% assistance through valid, legal professionals and other experts specialized in UAE’s legal regulations.

Dubai Municipality Services

Complete professional support in registering your company with Dubai municipality and related things.

Economic Department Application

We help you to prepare and submit Dubai Economic Department Applications for company formation and associates requirements